WOBBLER La Bealtaine

  • WOBBLER - La Bealtaine

    WOBBLER - La Bealtaine MP3

    From the utterly brilliant third Wobbler album "Rites at Dawn" (Termo Records May 16th 2011). Modern symphonic progressive rock from Norway. Easily my ...

    Tags: progresiverock, prog, Norway

  • Live Listen 11: Wobbler

    Live Listen 11: Wobbler 'La Bealtaine' MP3

    Justin's turn to listen, but how shiny will this song be on the shiny scale?

    Tags: iMovie, wobbler, progressive, rock, gentle, giant, Yes

  • Wobbler - Lá Bealtaine

    Wobbler - Lá Bealtaine MP3

    Tags: Wobbler (Musical Group), Progressive Rock (Musical Genre)

  • La Bealtaine

    La Bealtaine MP3

    Summer Celebration Pagan Dance.

    Tags: Summer, Dionysus

  • Wobbler - This Past Presence - doddy znp

    Wobbler - This Past Presence - doddy znp MP3

    via Pixelpipe.

    Tags: pixelpipe

  • Wobbler - In Taberna

    Wobbler - In Taberna MP3

    From Wobbler's album "Afterglow", available from Termo Records.

    Tags: Wobbler, Afterglow, In, Lingua, Mortua, progressive, rock, mellotron, mini-moog, Gentle, Giant, Yes, Genesis, White, Willow

  • Wobbler - Imperial Winter White

    Wobbler - Imperial Winter White MP3

    Imperial Winter White by Wobbler From the album "Afterglow"

    Tags: Wobbler, progressive, rock, jam, Afterglow, In Taberna

  • Wobbler - A Faerie

    Wobbler - A Faerie's Play MP3

    From the album "Rites At Down" (2011 - Termo Records).

    Tags: Rites, at, dawn

  • Wobbler - In Orbit

    Wobbler - In Orbit MP3

    From Rites At Dawn (2011)

    Tags: prog, progressive, rock, symphonic, norway, wobbler, orbit

  • Wobbler - Rubato Industry - Live at Altrock/Fading Festival

    Wobbler - Rubato Industry - Live at Altrock/Fading Festival MP3

    Live at Casa Di Alex - Milan.

    Tags: Concert (TV Genre), Live (Musical Group)

  • Wobbler live at NEAR-fest 2005

    Wobbler live at NEAR-fest 2005 MP3

    Here are some clips from Wobbler's performance at NEAR-fest 2005. You may buy the DVD here: http://www.nearfestrecords.com/nf05dvd/ ...

    Tags: wobbler, live, near-fest, 2005, music, prog, progressive, rock, norway, mellotron, martin, kneppen, morten, eriksen, kristian, hultgren, lars, fredrik, froislie, tony, johannsessen, afterglow, hinterland

  • Wobbler - In Taberna (Full Song)

    Wobbler - In Taberna (Full Song) MP3

    Wobbler is a Norwegian progressive rock band formed in 1999. Bands like PFM, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Yes, Museo Rosenbach, ELP and so on were ...

    Tags: Wobbler, In, Taberna, Progressive, Rock

  • Wobbler live at OsloProg 2010

    Wobbler live at OsloProg 2010 MP3

    Here's a clip from one of Wobbler rare live performances. This is the first concert with Andreas Prestmo on vocals. www.myspace.com/wobblermusic.

    Tags: wobbler, live, osloprog, prog, rock, progressive, 2010, mellotron, clavinet, andreas, prestmo, morten, eriksen, martin, kneppen, lars, fredrik, froislie, kristian, hultgren, music, norway

  • Wobbler - Hinterland

    Wobbler - Hinterland MP3

    Wobbler Hinterland (2005) Serenade for 1652 / Hinterland.

    Tags: wobbler, hinterland, progressive, rock

  • Wobbler - In Orbit (live at Artrock i Stadsträdgården)

    Wobbler - In Orbit (live at Artrock i Stadsträdgården) MP3

    Fantastic Norwegian prog rock band Wobbler playing "In Orbit" off their third album "Rites At Dawn" from 2011.

    Tags: Hinterland, Afterglow, Rites At Dawn, progressive

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